Navigating Your Mental Health During Quarantine

Navigating Your Mental Health During Quarantine

We're glad you're here.

Life looks a lot different for all of us right now, and luckily, we're all in this together.
Our staff is working diligently from home to continue educating our community with the tools needed to keep your brain healthy.

Navigating Your Mental Health During Quarantine

Listen to Executive Director and Founder of the be nice. Program, Christy Buck, tells us signs to watch for that could be a change in mental health, how to continue human connection during social isolation, why spring is a high-risk time for suicide, and how we can empower ourselves and others to stay healthy.

With help from the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan, this podcast will be available in 7 additional languages. It is currently available in Spanish. Scroll down to find your language!

Check out the Facebook Live Q&A with Christy about the podcast!

Podcast in Additional Languages

(Coming Soon: Greek, Italian, French, Kinyarwanda and Nepali)

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