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Educating our community to support the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of all individuals through discussions with professionals you can trust.

Child brain development

Mental Health in Children ft. Forest View Hospital

Executive Director Christy Buck is joined by Forest View Hospital nurses to discuss child brain development and mental health, how we can be proactive when it comes to mental illness and suicide prevention, and the treatment available in West Michigan.

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Preparing For An Increase Of Suicides In Michigan

Pine Rest report forecasts a 32% increase in suicides following the pandemic. We're discussing ways we can work together to beat that statistic.

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Gov Mayor Podcast

Support Local: Our interview with Governor Whitmer and Mayor Bliss

We asked our leaders to support the be nice. Program to promote mental health and suicide education in our state.

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Not Alone

Navigating Grief, Guilt and Shame during the Pandemic

We're all experiencing change and loss, and some are more impacted than others. In this podcast, we’re discussing how to navigate grief, guilt and shame during the pandemic.

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All faiths

Faith and Your Mental Health

be nice. Founder and Pastor Dave of Christ Memorial Church discuss mental health and faith as CMC heads into their third year of a be nice. sermon series during the month of May.

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be Mentally & Physically Healthy at Home (a be nice. and YMCA collab)

The David D. Hunting YMCA Executive Director of Membership and Program discusses joins us to discuss the mental health benefits of physical activity, exercise, and connection while staying healthy at home.

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Navigating Your Mental Health During Quarantine

Executive Director and Founder of the be nice. Program, Christy Buck, tells us signs to watch for that could be a change in mental health, how to continue human connection during social isolation, why spring is a high-risk time for suicide, and how we can empower ourselves and others to stay healthy.

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