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empowering individuals with the knowledge that they can have an effect on how a person thinks, acts, and feels.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

be nice.is an upstream mental health and suicide prevention program with an action plan. When used effectively, the be nice.program encourages individuals to challenge themselves and others to seek appropriate professional help when they notice changes in their mental health.

At its most basic, the be nice. action plan is a four-step mental health education tool to notice, invite, challenge, and empower that can be learned and used by any individual on our website.

The be nice. program uses the action plan as a basis for mental health and suicide prevention education in schools, businesses, faith institutions, and communities. This program is evidence-based and proven to increase mental health awareness and behaviors that prevent suicide. The implementation of the be nice. program involves a yearly membership, training for liaisons, and continued support throughout the year.

Overall, be nice. empowers individuals with the knowledge that they can have an effect on how a person thinks, acts, and feels. be nice. provides simple tools for success that improve and save lives.

Take 15 minutes, it could save a life!

be an active community member and take the pledge.

This 15-minute process will take you through each step of the be nice. Action Plan and give you a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of a mental illness, how to have a loving and caring conversation about mental health, how to challenge stigma, and how to empower yourself and others to successfully manage their illness.

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