With your support, the Foundation can continue to encourage awareness, create conversation, and decrease stigma.

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Support Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Education

Your general contribution will be used to educate communities and empower individuals to take action when it comes to mental health.

Make an impact locally. When you make a donation to our organization, you can be sure that it is making an impact throughout the state of Michigan.

  • $50

    mental health resource guides for community members

  • $100

    (15) be nice. t-shirts for an athletic team

  • $250

    50 mental health workbooks for students

  • $500

    be nice. Action Plan education for school staff at a be nice. school

  • $750

    workshop for 500 elementary students at a be nice. school

  • $1000

    be nice. Program renewal cost for a school

  • $1500

    middle or high school symposium for 300+ students

  • $3000

    be nice. Program launch kit for a school of 750+ students

  • $5000

    be nice. Extension mental health and suicide prevention curriculum for 200 secondary students

  • $10000

    be nice. Program launch district-wide (high, middle, and two elementary be nice. schools)

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