be nice. Business

be a leader and put your workplace at the forefront of the conversation surrounding mental health

The be nice. business program is a sustainable model utilizing business liaisons
through a train-the-trainer method. A company’s be nice. liaison will use the
trainings and materials to bring the action plan to the work environment - helping
to cultivate a psychologically safe work environment. For businesses of any size!

The implementation of be nice. in the workplace educates employees with an action plan they can use at work, in their home-life, and personally. A psychologically safe workplace leads to numerous benefits for individual employees and the workplace as a whole. A positive workplace culture surrounding mental health…

enhances overall health

mental and physical - of employees. Work is good for someone’s mental health, but according to the American Psychological Association, the country’s economy loses more than $500 billion each year due to workplace stress. Stressed employees are distracted employees. Less stress leads to less absences, which creates a productivity boost!

creates better employee engagement

When employees are happy they work harder, and tend to be more focused and engaged in what they’re working on. Happiness is contagious and make for successful employees. Unhappy employees tend to disengage and negatively impact productivity and the bottom line.

builds loyalty

and an employees commitment to the employer. This reduces turnover, which is good for the company as a whole. Loyal employees create a loyal team of coworkers who support one another leading to further connectedness in and to the workplace.

enhance your program with the be nice. book

Book Web3

Within these pages, program-users will find authentic, real-life examples and practical applications for mental health concerns using the proven methods of the be nice. program.

Some of the companies we work with

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