This program works

This program works

and we have a 3-year evidence-based study to prove it

be nice. is proven to increase mental health awareness and prevent suicide

Grand Valley State University research professors studied the be nice. program in a school setting over the span of three years to prove the effectiveness of the program in making a change when it comes to mental health.

The research included quantitative and qualitative analyses taken from staff, students, and parents of 74 schools throughout the state. Ultimately, the study proves the be nice. program enables a positive climate. It inspires an atmosphere that does not tolerate bullying and provides an awareness surrounding the mental health aspects of negative social behaviors. Implementation of the program creates a sense of connectedness among peers and develops a positive culture with an emphasis on compassion, understanding, and awareness.

The MHF has translated the study’s results into a business and faith institution setting to expand the footprint of the be nice. action plan. So far, consumer testimonials prove the implementation of the program in these settings has also shown to be successful in creating mental health awareness and increasing suicide prevention behaviors.

Key Findings of Evidence Based Study

Detailed Findings of the Study:

EVB General Increase Prevention
EVB General Awareness Increase 1
EVB General Common Language
EVB General Increases Connectedness
EVB General Positive Culture
EVB General Complements
EVB General Decreases Disrespect
EVB General 100

Take action when It comes to mental health and suicide prevention

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