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renovation and relocation

Our new location with the Unified Sports and Inclusion Center will provide:

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• dedicated rooms for virtual training.

• technology for remote connectivity to students, employees, and community members across the country.

• shared use of auditorium, gymnasium and outdoor space for face-to-face collaboration and instruction.

• better accessibility with proximity to US -131, M-6, and Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

enrichment and enhancement.

This campaign will build our capacity to increase our audience and innovate our mental health programs through:

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• training in social and emotional learning and maximizing learning opportunities for be nice. staff.

• increased staffing to enhance and sustain regional and national growth.

• ensuring the be nice. action plan is targeted to address the adolescent mental health crisis.


These funds will build an endowment to create a legacy of universal awareness of mental health and suicide prevention by:

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• solidifying the strategic vision of the Mental Health Foundation.

• creating an ongoing source of funding to ensure the long-term sustainability of the be nice. program.

• establishing a pathway for successive family generations to know and utilize the be nice. action plan.

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