My Name is Jack Bennett, and for those who know me know I like to ride my bike. Well to me riding a bike means a little more than riding a bike. The last three years I have really struggled with Depression. Consumed with what media fills our heads on the ideal perception of ones body has really taken a toll on me. But it is not just me, Mental Health disorders affect 1 in 5 people, along with being the 2nd leading cause of death in people ages 15-24. Media is the number 1 reason to this issue, which is why I am starting a fundraiser called Smash Your T.V. Ride a Bike.

I fought depression all through high school on and off. After high school I got so caught up on my body perception that I became bulimic, it got to the point where I was admitted to a hospital overnight. I tried seeing a therapist, I “followed” their steps, but that just didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t until I realized being on a bike is what brings me joy, and was my number one solution to defeat bulimia and depression. I became a bike messenger in between classes, hopping on my bike and riding whenever I could. I am now living on Mackinac Island, a place free of cars and my only transportation, a bike. 

So what is next? I am now leaving November 3rd for Auckland, New Zealand, where I will set out on my bike to ride across all of North and South New Zealand for a month and a half, packing everything on my bike, from a tent to 2 changes of clothes.

So now it is my turn to try and give back! I would like to try and raise $10,000 for the Be Nice Foundation, an amazing Foundation where I learned first hand along with 12,000 other students in Kent
county, Michigan about the importance of mental health, bullying, depression, along with coping skills through there Live, Laugh, Love Program. 

Thank you ahead of time! 100 percent of donations will go to the Be Nice Foundation and continuing to fight the battle with Mental Health.

Love, Jack

Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

349 S Division Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49503  |  616-389-8601