13RW Season 2

Being Safer for the Second Season


Season 2 will feature a warning video prior to each episode. The show's stars will warn viewers of potentially triggering topics within the episode and encourage fans to seek help via crisis resources. and a viewing guide to 13ReasonsWhy.Info.


Season 2 episodes will also be followed by new after-show content titled “Beyond the Reasons,” where actors, experts, and educators break down each installment’s darker plot threads.

Beyond the Reasons

Please take time to watch this powerful, one-hour discussion of the reasoning behind choices made on set. Panelists discuss the difference between entertainment and reality and have a lot of great information and advice to share. 


If you have specific questions throughout the series, please refer to the table of contents. This discussion is a great tool to generate a conversation on the difficult topics brought about by the series.  

Table of Contents

Theme 1 - Intervention (1:18)

  • 2:16   Tyler and the school shooting situation

  • 9:22   Justin and his heroin addiction 

Theme 2 - Justice (13:29)

  • 15:30   School on trial and the verdict

  • 16:38   Clay takes justice into his own hands

  • 17:23   Bryce and Jessica's trial verdict

Theme 3 - Recovery (22:15)

  • 23:03   Clay's grief and trouble moving forward

  • 28:40   Alex's recovery after his suicide attempt

  • 31:25   Jessica is uncomfortable in her own skin

  • 34:56    Audience Question: School decision not to                   allow students to talk about suicide. 

Theme 4 - The Complicity of Silence (37:11)

  • 37:53   "Clubhouse" portrays Rape Culture

  • 41:39   Why Chloe stayed silent

Theme 5 - Complicated Relationships (45:07)

  • 45:50   Jessica and Justin

  • 47:10   Hannah and Alex

  • 49:40   Clay and Skye

  • 50:33   Clay and Hannah/throughout

  • 52:50   Importance of support system

  • 53:16   Audience Question: Tony and Caleb                break stereotype of gay male. 

Theme 6 - Role of Adults (55:06)

  • 55:42   Olivia, Hannah's mom

  • 57:03   Special guest Suzanne Timms, Survivor, Advocate

  • 1:00:33   Concerned Parents/Conversations

  • 1:02:10   Mr. Porter, School Counselor

  • 1:04:13   School's role

  • 1:05:34   Creating conversation for change

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