13RW Season 1

MHF + 13 Reasons Why Discussion Panel


The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan hosted a panel discussion on the topic and generated a great discussion surrounding the show, mental health, depression, and educating our young people as well as parents. 

Panelists Included:

MHF Executive Director Christy Buck 

MHF Program Coordinator Cat Lanting

Owner and Clinical Director of Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services Dr. Valencia Agnew

Rockford High School Counselor & Peer Listeners Advisor Sarah Young

Live Laugh Love Educator Spencer Hansen

Forest Hills Northern Student Jack Jendrasiak

Grandville High School Students Kaitlyn Hixson and Lucy VanDyke.

Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

349 S Division Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

info@benice.org  |  616-389-8601