Welcome to the be nice. Higher Ed Portal

This portal was made with students, professors, and staff in mind.

We spend a lot of time on campus and it should be a positive, safe environment for everyone.

Use the n.i.c.e tools to make a positive culture shift on your campus or enhance an already great environment! 

Mental Health Resources & Handouts

If you were to ask your students where they would go to get help with their mental health, would they know the answer?


A great way to empower your students or staff is to provide them with resources.


Create Awareness

They've seen the logo, but what does it really mean to be nice.?


notice, invite, challenge, and empower is an Action Plan anyone can get behind.

Help us spread the word, create awareness, or raise money to help us spread be nice. throughout West Michigan. 

n.i.c.e Activities

Keep the be nice. Action Plan relevant throughout the building.


This is not a one-and-done program and these activities can help you sustain 

be nice. and a positive environment for someone struggling with their mental health.

be nice. Videos

These videos are a great education and awareness tool made by the MHF for you to utilize throughout your building.


Whether you're showing them at a staff presentation, during lunch, or on a loop in the hallways, these videos are a great way to educate employees on the

be nice. Action Plan. 

Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

349 S Division Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

info@benice.org  |  616-389-8601