Art Prize 10    

Disease Does Not Discriminate

Artists and activists Leyna and Sophia partnered with the MHF to bring their project to West Michigan and beyond. Every handprint shows the ripple effect created by mental illness and the effects it has on not only that person, but everyone who surrounds them. 

Stage One: Collecting painted handprints contributed by friends, and loved ones, even generations of families who have either lost someone to mental illness or a disease not seen on the surface or someone who is affected by it currently and fighting for their lives. These handprints will be suspended in plexiglass panels as a memorial or dedication to the struggles that people can walk thru and understand the magnitude of a growing crisis. We thought we would have around 500 prints, we are now projecting thousands.


•Stage Two: Providing detailed information on all mental illness disorders and chronic disease states to help people connect with local resources or pursue option plans outside of major mental health facilities where client care is more personalized, affordable, or even free. We will be offering information for those who may not understand about their loved ones illness in an effort to bridge the gap and open people to seeing from a new direction with more empathy.


• Stage Three: Providing ON SITE crisis intervention and a table where we can run suicide prevention and talk with people right on the streets of Grand Rapids at ArtPrize. People will have the opportunity to sit with a volunteer trained in QPR on site and perhaps we can save a life right there, in that moment and help them formulate a plan to move forward.

Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

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